Prototyping future leaders through traineeships

Prototyping future tech leaders.

  • Work for different companies

  • Bring innovations to companies

  • Industry expert training program

  • 1 on 1 coaching


Do you have IT in you to become a future tech leader?

Are you interested in traineeships and ready to stay up to date?

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The world needs new tech leaders.

The world is changing. Tech companies are working with increasingly complicated online & offline challenges and struggle to find the right talent for these challenges.

In two years, divided into three periods, you'll be able to find out which company suits you and develop the skills you need to fix the challenges of the future.

Don’t want to leave after two years? In any case, you’re free to keep doing projects.

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Develop yourself through training and 1 on 1 coaching.

10% of your time you’re going to work on a personal development program. Training from industry professionals on soft and hard skills and 1 on 1 coaching. The other 90% you’re going to work on projects. This way you can stay focused on your personal development while gaining experience at real companies.

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Corporates to government to born digitals.

Find out where you want to work. In your first two years you’re going to do three projects at different companies.

This way you can find out what kind of company suits you best. Whether this is a Corporate, a born digital or a government, explore which sector suits you best.


Bring innovation to companies

In your projects you’re going to learn how to bring create innovating prototypes at companies. Your project will look like one of these.


Predictive maintenance for wind turbines

Using Deep Learning to create our own voice

Use WiFi routers as a camera

Use time-of-flight sensors to see what is inside a fridge

Computer vision to pinpoint parcels for delivery


Prototyping futures.
What will you prototype?


Focus on your
next horizon.

You’re going to do projects at companies focussing on their next horizon. In your personal development program you'll focus on yourself. Personal development is divided into three modules, focussing on the necessary soft and hard skills.

  1. Me as a person

  2. Me in teams and companies

  3. Me as an expert

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Initiated by Bit & Yse

Bit traineeship is a collaboration of Bit and YSE.

Bit is a Research & Innovation company run by the 50 best young tech people in Amsterdam. We excel in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design or anything in between.

YSE has 11 years of experience in building traineeships with development programs, talent branding and 1 on 1 coaching.

Together we bring our expertise and started this collaboration to give companies the opportunity to work with the best tech trainees and to give you, as a recent graduate, the perfect start of your career focussing on developing your expertise and evolve as a person. 

Together we combine our strengths to bring this new traineeship to the young professionals. Where you at the start of your career can benefit from the experience of YSE in the creation of a traineeship and Bit will bring you in contact with numerous of projects that will challenge you your knowledge to the next level.


“During my time as a YSE trainee, I gained new insights about myself as an employee but also about me as a person. Besides the training YSE created a special atmosphere with me and my
co-trainee’s which also played a major role in the success of the program.”

- Victor van Praag, Yse trainee

“At Bit I’ve learned more about companies and innovation than I ever did at my studies. Because of the safe to fail environment and challenging projects I’ve been able to grow as a professional, programmer and person.”


- Vincent Damen, Employee at Bit